The Singing Career Success Vocal System – Personal 1:1 Coaching Programs

These Voice Course Packages are Only Available in London England.

Begin your vocal transformation with these 2, 6 week Programmes. These programmes, the Jumpstart and the Mastery,  are coached 1:1 and use the Singing Career Success Vocal system.  

12 WEEKS to



JumpStart Programme

The Quick & Easy Way to begin Your Vocal Transformation

The Quick & Easy Way to begin Your Vocal Transformation that improves your voice. This beginner’s guide Uses the ‘Singing Career Success Vocal System’, method. (This programme is currently only available in London, England). It is a 1 on 1, 3-month programme consisting of two consecutive, 6-week training modules. Starting with Module 1 Jumpstart, and then continue to Module 2 Mastery.


Mastery Programme

Maximise Your Signature Sound and Catapult your Performance

This module gives you guidance for further vocal progress, that Builds strength, precision and Maximise Your Voice, as well as expand your knowledge of vocal expression, style, interpretation, connecting with your audience and smooth effortless Vocal performance as you create your own Signature Sound.

$1497 (This a total 12 Weeks Training Course. Modules 1 JumpStart, and Module 2 Mastery)


Accelerator Programme

This programme follows the Jumpstart and the Mastery intensive modules. Now, Develop your own brand and irresistible vocal style.

This is your Accelerator Six Weeks Training Module 3. Take a moment now to imagine the feeling you will get, as people compliment you on your noticeable improved vocal technique, breathe control and your improved range and tone of your voice. This module follows on from the Mastery Module.
It’s time to develop your own brand and Irresistible Vocal Style. This is where you will see real results, as you put it all together confidently and naturally. This will give you your biggest transformation, so that you can Catapult your stage and vocal Performance.

The complete 6 week Accelerator Programme is $1997


The Star Launcher Programme

A Six-Month Programme. Moving Beyond Just Surviving by creating Your Own personal Star Plan.

Star Plan 7 Step Launch

Here’s How:

This 7-step programme will help prepare you for your path to success so that finally you can Profit from Your Passion:

 Module 1 – Music Mental

How to prepare for success, and eliminate performance anxiety, and build your confidence.

Module 2 – Create your career Road map.

Module 3 – Voice Vibrance

Unlock your voice using the fundamental building blocks, singing techniques and exercises that can improve your vocal precision and strength.

Module 4 – Performance Pitch

Develop your own captivating signature sound and memorable vocal style and performance skills.

Module 5 – Market Master

Create your own unique image and style that will help you stand out from the crowd.

Module 6 – Promotion

Discover how to nurture and grow some effective ways to use your social network platforms.

Module 7 – Getting Gigs

Create your own strategy and growth plan so that you can be heard, remembered and rewarded.

The Star Launcher Programme investment is $3997.

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