Star Maker

Industry Growth with Guidance


Limited Time Special $297

12 Week Programme

  • 6 Module Training Course to watch and study
  • 6 Q&A group Calls for clarity
  • Email support for 90 days

This programme is highly focused on helping you to Build a strong foundation

Step1 – Sound Mind

Take a giant step and find out how to Prepare for Success, and Eliminate Performance Anxiety as you Build Your Confidence.

Step 2 – Your Signature Sound

Unlock Your Voice using the fundamentals building blocks, to improve your Vocal Precision, Strength, and Smooth Effortless Vocal Performance.

Step 3 – Performance Pitch

Experience a treasure trove of tools to develop your own Captivating Stage Performance Skills, so that you Connect with Your Audience.

Step 4 – Market Master

Be inspired by the large canvas of inspiration to create Your Unique Image, Style and Branding that will help you to Stand Out from the crowd.

Step 5 – Peak Promotion

Discover how to Nurture and Grow some Effective Ways to use Your Social Network platforms, and Build your Tribe of Raving Fans.

Step 6 – How to Get Paid to Sing

Learn How to Create Your Own Strategy and Growth Plan so that you can be Heard, Remembered and Rewarded.

These 6 Steps are full of insiders secrets. They are raw, simple and true.
You’ll wonder how you would ever managed without them.


Limited Time Special $297

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