The best way to start with a singing career – doesn’t just start with a great voice, it starts with a sound mind.

The fact that you’re here tells me that you are ready to learn how to take your voice, career and life to the next level.

I suspect that there is a treasure chest of talent hidden within you, yet to be revealed. The only thing that keeps you from getting what you want is the ‘story’ you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t have it.

 And just how do you identify and remove the obstacles that are preventing your progress? 

 The reality is that success begins by finding and adopting a success mindset’.

When limiting beliefs and self-sabotage takes over, it begins destroys your confidence and makes it difficult to get to where you want to be.

In my experience, all personal breakthroughs begin with a change in your beliefs system.

It’s important to know what your goals are, and decide and commit to make it happen.

Here are five ideas to Jump-start your singing career and to make sure you are building a foundation for long-term music industry success.

1. Believe in Yourself

It’s how you handle those negative thoughts, and replace them, taking positive action, which comes by having the upmost confidence in yourself. A belief that you can handle any situation that comes your way.

For example, if you truly believe that you are “the best singer in the world” you would behave differently, compared to “I hope I’m good”. 

You would speak in a totally different tone of voice; your conversations would be more positive and have more impact. You would walk differently, you would be more genuine, natural, and more relaxed.

2.    Speed of Implementation – the rate as which you take action.

What I’ve noticed with millionaires and billionaires is the rate of which they absorb information and then actually start to do it. They literally start doing it as if there is no tomorrow, as if their life depended on it. 

3.    The Ability to Take Action When You Feel Uncertain

Successful people take action before self-doubt invade their mind. They do not hesitate, they don’t waste time, they go for it. It is this ability to ‘take action’ without procrastination, even if you’re not sure, even if you think you can’t handle it, to just do it, just start and keep going.

 “Success is determined by the amount of uncertainty you can comfortably handle” – Tony Robbins

4.     How Much You Value Your Time

 What I notice from my very wealthy friends and colleague is that they value their time, Secondly, they don’t lounge around. programmes. They are always making things happen.

Successful people also have a very disciplined.Whereas successful people, because they are doing what they love, can’t get enough of it, they can’t stop, they are happy to do their 18-hours a day.

5.    The Focus That Attracts Abundance

When we focus on what matters most whether it be love, health, family, our passions or work, success always follows. It’s often the small steps that matter the most in creating opportunities. Possibilities appear where before there only seemed to be challenges and obstacles in your path. 

When you are focused on what’s important to you, and what’s resonates and is in alignment with your values and passion, everything starts to be easier and more magnetic, and effortlessly attract the flow, freedom and abundance you desire.

We often put all the focus on what’s not working, remember, what you focus on grows – whether it’s the good, the bad.

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