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Course Dates & Times

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Course Introduction

Are you looking to produce your own demos? Maybe you will like your songs to be recognised on radio stations

This one day session will show you how to start recording your own demos. In addition, you will learn how to start using a range of techniques , including Logic Pro, to produce very high quality demo tapes

Such will get you up and running, taking advantage of our expert guidance. Martin Sutton a seasoned song writer, producer and founder of The Song writing Academy will help you do so.

Furthermore you will also get to meet and learn from the amazing writer, musician and producer Mo Pleasure; as the bass player for Ray Charles, Keyboards for Michael Jackson, and as musical director for Earth Wind and Fire for eight years. In this session he will show his intuitive approach to music and demonstrate how a track can be demonstrated in minutes. Find out more …

Course Programme

  • The basic equipment for creating fabulous sounding demos
  • How to navigate your way round Logic Pro with ease
  • How to record your demos with minimal effort and little expense
  • How to work with midi instruments the smart way
  • How to approach your recording like a professional producer
  • The building blocks of a great demo
  • Which instruments to choose to make your song really shine
  • Simple studio microphone techniques
  • How to record vocals and live instruments with confidence
  • Plug-ins that take the hard work out of programming
  • What A&R people expect to hear from a demo
  • 10 must-do tips for an awesome demo
  • Mixing and mastering techniques to make your final demo jump out of the speakers

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Who is this course for?

  • Songwriters and artists wanting to take control of their demo recordings
  • Songwriters and artists wanting to save money by making their own demos
  • Anyone wanting to move into the business of demo production for money

At the end of the course you will know:

  • How to record great demos without spending a fortune
  • How to work with Logic Pro X quickly and easily
  • How to record and work with midi and audio tracks effortlessly
  • How to mix and master your demo like a pro

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Can’t make the date? Watch it online!

If you can’t make the date, you can also order the online video of this course for £77.