Star Launcher

Customized Program for Your Dreams

12 Months Programme

This 12 Months Programme Will:

* Unleash Your Voice
* Sky Rocket Your Confidence
* Turbo Charge Your Performance
* Stand Out from the Crowd & Be Remembered
* Rock the Business of Music
* Understanding Social Media
* Getting Gigs

  • 6 Module Training Course to watch and study
  • 6 Q&A Group Calls for clarity and accountability
  • Plus, 6 Monthly 1 Hour calls, of 1-2-1 Private Mentoring Calls with Precious Wilson, to give you Guidance and Personal Support.
  • Email support for 6 months

This is a Bespoke, Customised Programme for Your Individual Needs

Dear Precious,

I first want to say thank you for all of your help and your guidance during our vocal session a few months ago. I have continued auditioning and will now be joining the cast of Saturday ‘Night Fever’ in Luzern, Switzerland.

I am now able to match notes pretty well. I’m able to move between my chest and head voice, and vice versa, smoothly and with ease.

Precious really understands what it is to be a performer, and she also coached me on, the mental, and emotional preparation, and the right attitude that’s needed, to bring a song to life. She’s a real star.

I was truly less nervous when auditioning and I understood the parts of my voice.


Jaime R, – London, England

“Choose What You Love…Turn it into a Success… and You’ll Never Have to ‘Work’ Again”

  • Are you afraid of rejection or failure?
  • Do you ever worry that you’re not good enough?
  • Has your voice ever gone hoarse when you needed it to be strong?
  • Do you get frustrated and over whelmed by the legalities, language and vocabulary, of contracts?
  • Have you almost given up because you feel your big chance has come and gone?

This programme is highly focused on helping you to Build a strong foundation

Step 1 – Sound Mind

Take a giant step and find out how to Prepare for Success, and Eliminate Performance Anxiety as you Build Your Confidence.

Step 2 – Your Signature Sound

Unlock Your Voice using the fundamentals building blocks, to improve your Vocal Precision, Strength, and Smooth Effortless Vocal Performance.

Step 3 – Performance Pitch

Experience a treasure trove of tools to develop your own Captivating Stage Performance Skills, so that you Connect with Your Audience.

Step 4 – Market Master

Be inspired by the large canvas of inspiration to create Your Unique Image, Style and Branding that will help you to Stand Out from the crowd.

Step 5 – Peak Promotion

Discover how to Nurture and Grow some Effective Ways to use Your Social Network platforms, and Build your Tribe of Raving Fans.

Step 6 – How to Get Paid to Sing

Learn How to Create Your Own Strategy and Growth Plan so that you can be Heard, Remembered and Rewarded.

These 6 Steps are full of insiders secrets. They are raw, simple and true.
You’ll wonder how you would ever managed without them.


The Star Plan Formula

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