A Unique opportuntity from Precious Wilson …

Find your voice and your true sound. Get rid of nerves and jitters. Learn about music and be confident in any setting.

Any skill level… Get professional voice training and music understanding and sing like you have always wanted to sing.

Join me in this 12 week programme which is highly focused on helping you to build a strong foundation. We start helping you with your confidence, and to eliminate performance anxiety. We then work on developing your signature sound and style. We then work on your vocal precision and strength. As you grow so do your skills and you unique style and branding.

The course consists of training videos to watch and work your skills. The next week there is a live call with me so that I can assist and direct you toward your goals and growing your confidence. Then another training lesson and following a group call where all questions, guidance and help are provided to continue moving you towards your next level.

Benefits and What to Expect :

You will learn …

Find your voice and skill set


Build your confidence


How to handle performance anxiety


Improve vocal precision


Enhance vocal strength and performance sound


Enhance vocal strength and performance sound


Discover ways to use social networks and build your fan base


Develop your strategy and growth plans