Introduction to Songwriting Courses

Course Dates & Times

NEXT DATE… London | 9am to 5pm | £147 ***SPECIAL OFFER £27***

Course Introduction

This 3 day course, held at the beautiful Darling Buds Farm in Kent, will encompass the following:

  • Song writers
  • Industry experts
  • Life cycle of song writing – including the following:
    • Inspiration
    • Careful Crafting
    • Getting your songs in front of the right in the music business

Please expect to have some fun with interactive sessions carefully designed to help you remember invaluable technology utilised by professional song writers.

Also note that you will get to exchange ideas with those who share a passion for writing.   You will be joining a growing TSA song writing community with hit records all over the world.  Also, you get to bond and mingle over dinner, hangout, talk in a relaxed atmosphere.

One thing is certain; you will have a good time. Find Out More…

Course Programme

  • Generating unique ideas for your song subject matter
  • The four strongest ways to connect with your audience
  • Our unique RPM system for creating definition in your songs
  • Keeping your listener listening to the very end of your song
  • How to create memorable and moving lyrics
  • How to fill your song with killer hooks
  • How to make money from songwriting
  • How to make sure A&R people will listen to and love your song
  • The most effective way to double your productivity
  • 7 common mistakes made by songwriters and how to avoid them

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 Who is this course for?

  • Singer and Songwriters
    • If you’re trying to make it as an artist with your own material
  • Songwriters
    • Anyone who wants to write for artists signed to major labels
  • Professional Songwriters
    • Those who want to brush up their skills and learn new techniques
  • Producers
    • If you want to be more creative during the writing process
  • Recreational Songwriters
    • Writers who just want to write better songs for their own pleasure

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 At the end of the course you will know:

  • What you need to do to instantly improve your songwriting
  • Where to find inspiration
  • How to deal with writers block
  • How pro songwriters approach writing for the charts
  • What gives a song WOW!
  • How to keep the listener listening
  • How to make songs unforgettable
  • How to make money from the music business
  • Why songwriting is the best job in the world!