Precious Wilson’s audiences come away inspired, empowered, and ready to begin their path to Greater Self-Expression, in Life, through music. She is a true champion of singers.Everything she does, is because she believes that you need to be original and develop your signature sound, so that you stand out from the completion.

The creation of her company is the result of her desire to inspire others, and share her passion, knowledge and experience. It’s her way to give back, by helping others to have an opportunity to bring out their own star quality.

Her “keep it real” approach to the music industry is very well receive because of the way she has applied it to meeting the challenges in her own journey. If you want to know how to make it in the music industry, you don’t want to stay stuck a moment longer, and you’re experiencing Precious’ message for the first time, you will come away inspired and motivated, with renewed hope, to turn your burning desire into success.

Topics for Presentations

How to Get More Gigs and Stop the Struggle

Has there ever been a time when you’ve thought, I wish I knew then what I know now?
Do you ever worry that you are not good enough?
Has your voice ever gone hoarse when you really needed it to be strong?
Do you get frustrated and over whelmed when reading contracts?
Have you almost given up because you feel your big chance has come and gone?

If you said yes to any of the above, I hear you. I know it all too well as I’ve been there too.
Let me show you how to Use Your Voice to Make Life Give YOU What You Want.

In My Talk you’ll discover the most POWERFUL strategies to build your career and stop the struggle
and open the doors to success in music business and in life!

You Will Discover How to:

  • Transform your voice
  • Catapult your performance
  • Find the truth about making it in the business
  • Solve10 reasons why you are not successful
  • Get more gigs!
  • Create the check list to your dream



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