Hey Precious,

Thank you for your great vocal contribution, on my album track “Duets For One”.

Sir Elton John – London, England

“My experience of the lessons were very enjoyable.
There was a good space created to get into the ‘music mode’.

Love the holistic approach, which included breathing, stretching and movement. I found this helped to empty my mind and focus on really absorbing as much as I could from the lesson.

The breath control exercises was a fun way to practice something very important in singing, and I found it made me very aware of my breathing during my singing.

We also spoke about stage performance and how to engage with an audience, for professional singing.
Overall the lessons are have a “positive vibe”.

Throughout the lesson, I received constructive, attentive and helpful advise and coaching, all of which I will use in my next gig. The warm tea provided is a nice touch (well needed too)!!!“

Josie R. – Croydon, London, England

“Precious gave great attention to detail to the lesson plan. She is fun and warm and her personality is so charming – she will bring your voice out of you.

She uses her expertise & proven techniques to warm you up before going into breathing and vocal exercises which expand your voice and your range.

You will notice a difference in quality during the course of the lesson. Precious can gear the lesson toward singing or vocal coaching for business.She really wants to get the best out of you – you will love her!”

Kate M. – London, England

Dear Precious,

“Thank you so much for coming to see me today, and giving me the most wonderful 2 hours of voice coaching for Public Speaking.

I am in awe of your skills and knowledge, and you have left me with lots to work on and think about and I am really thrilled. You pitched the coaching just right for me, that’s such a gift.

The lesson was full of content and new areas for me to work on. It’s really exciting! You are brilliant Precious and I wish you so much luck with your new business.
You deserve to go sky high.”

Georgie D. – Camberwell, London England

“At the discovery session, Precious asked some interesting questions which led her to get a good idea of where I was coming from. So I was very excited about making a booking for my first proper lesson.

I loved that the lessons were so informal and fun, this helped me to relax and really focus on the learning.
Precious asked some interesting questions which led her to get a good idea of where I was coming from. So I was very excited about making a booking for my first proper lesson.

She was more than happy to take on my suggestions and ideas of how best I would like to use the session and the outcomes and goals I had in mind, which included me singing her some of the new songs that my band have started to work on.

She was very encouraging and gave me some great ideas and pointers as to how to make the vocals work best.
All in all, it was relaxed, fun, and an informative session. If anyone was thinking about signing up for her program, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it! ”

Ken M. – Brixton, London England

Dear Precious,

I first want to say thank you for all of your help and your guidance during our vocal session a few months ago. I have continued auditioning and will now be joining the cast of Saturday ‘Night Fever’ in Luzern, Switzerland.

I am now able to match notes pretty well. I’m able to move between my chest and head voice, and vice versa, smoothly and with ease.

Precious really understands what it is to be a performer, and she also coached me on, the mental, and emotional preparation, and the right attitude that’s needed, to bring a song to life. She’s a real star.

I was truly less nervous when auditioning and I understood the parts of my voice.


Jaime R, – London, England

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